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Akada experts offering a huge selection of door hardware for residential and commercial applications. Door locks, hinges, door hardware, door handle, sympols, exit device, accessories, deadbolts from leading brands.

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Modern Design & Trendy Look

Modern style vs classic style. Which one suits you best?
In contrast to the classic style, the modern fashion style embraces bold looks, distinctive pieces, and trendy bright colors. Because trends are constantly changing.


Focus on usability and user experience

A metric of satisfaction in using a product as established by one or more individuals using the product.


Advanced technical options for door locks

Electric locks are used when additional security as well as added convenience are wanted at the opening. Electrified locks come in various types from bored locks, mortise locks, exit devices, and magnetic locks


Large amount of flexible options and elements

Business flexibility is important because it makes customers feel more valued while building trust and fostering a more creative work environment. Customers who feel valued for what they are offered makes them satisfied.


Items are super responsive and ready to use

The response of the machines indicates how quickly and accurately the work is in fulfilling the orders. It is a measure of the speed it takes for the equipment to initiate a reaction as well as the time it takes to complete the command.


Extensive Style Options & Unlimited Colors

Variations are used to identify specific products, such as when you specify a color or size for an item. Options are products that can be customized, such as choosing to engrave an item you require.

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